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Drainage Preparation in Oxford, Witney, Burford & Throughout Oxfordshire

In addition to our expertise as groundwork contractors, TW Hardscaping also provides an extensive range of specialist services as drainage contractors. In fact, the disciplines of groundworks and drainage go hand-in-hand. In order to access subterranean drainage systems, we must carefully excavate the site using our plant equipment and professional know-how. Once accessed, it takes a significant amount of skill to install, maintain or repair drainage systems. As a team with proven credentials in both fields, we complete any drainage preparation task for our clients in Oxfordshire with the convenient, cost-effective approach of a single contractor.

Based in Witney, we have direct access to our key service areas throughout the region, including those in Banbury, Burford, Oxford and Thame.

In our role as drainage and groundwork contractors, we provide the following services:

  • New Drain and Pipe Installation
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Excavation Work
  • Agricultural Drainage
  • Manhole Installation
  • Soakaway Construction
  • Land Drains
  • Sewer Connections
  • Foul Water Management
  • Stormwater Management

From drainage preparation work for a new build to system upgrades and maintenance at existing properties, TW Hardscaping covers every requirement.

To schedule an initial consultation in the comfort of your home or workplace in Witney, Burford, Oxford or any of the neighbouring areas, please call us on 01993 835 152 or 07771 557 274.

An Essential Construction Service

Drainage preparation work remains one of the most essential services we provide as drainage and groundwork contractors. This phase of construction takes place prior to the above-ground programme, making it one of the first tasks in the project after the initial groundworks. As such, the results we produce swiftly get built over as the remainder of the project continues on after us.

This makes drainage preparation tasks important in two ways:

  1. Timing: Any disruption in the drainage stage can cause costly delays to the entire construction project.
  2. Results: With above-ground construction taking place almost immediately afterwards, any issues uncovered in the drainage system become highly inconvenient and expensive to fix.

With this in mind, it remains vital that all drainage preparation work reaches conclusion on time, within budget and to the very highest of standards. Here at TW Hardscaping, that’s exactly what we do.

Our methods include ensuring straight lines when laying pipes, integrating falls to meticulously considered gradients and avoiding any sharp bends. In addition, before our drainage and groundwork contractors sign-off their work, they complete an exhaustive set of tests on the drainage system at hand. Using water or air pressure, this allows us to check for leaks around the joints as well as overall performance levels.

For an insight into the results we achieve across our range of services, please visit the previous work page.

For more details about drainage preparation services in Witney, Burford, Oxford or the wider Oxfordshire area, call 01993 835 152 or 07771 557 274.